Cosmetic Surgery


Aesthetic surgery is the art of identifying the ideal shape and form of a body unit or body as a whole. Then choosing the most appropriate surgical technique to obtain the desired characteristics. Enhancing and rejuvenating patients’ lives with safe, effective and state of the art techniques in cosmetic surgery is what Dr Irsigler is committed to providing. Together with his patient the operation is thoroughly discussed so that the most suitable procedure can be chosen. An informed patient will have a better understanding of what will be done and what can realistically be expected.

Dr Irsigler offers various cosmetic surgical procedures.




  • Blepharoplasty:

If you present with excess skin (hooding) that may impair your vision and inner eyelid bulging due to excess fat.


Procedure: Is the excision of excess skin with or without fat removal from the upper eyelid (commonly) alone or also from the lower eyelid



  • Otoplasty: 

Congenital anomalies of the ear can vary in severity from minor inconspicuous growths to obvious prominence of the entire ear. This can lend the child to ridicule and personal embarrassment. Surgical intervention is best done at about 6 years of age.

Procedure: Through an incision on the back of the ear the cartilage is shaped and the ear is retracted to an ideal position.



  • Facelift:

Considering that the face has five distinct layers and that each ages in its own way. Non-surgical rejuvenation is limited in only addressing some of these elements for a shorter period of time. A formal lift is a more definitive approach for addressing the weakening ligamentous system and the associated appearance.


Procedure: Through a hairline incision dissection proceeds just under the skin. The underlying layer (SMAS) is addressed by lifting accordingly, then the excess skin is finally removed.






With breast related surgery, your uniqueness in terms of your preference in size, your age, the quality of your skin and your life style will determine which option will best suit your needs. The breasts can be enlarged , reduced, lifted or a combination.


  • Breast Augmentation

This procedure is generally the  option of choice when you request an increased breast volume. When deciding on the implants used and the technique to be done the frame, chest shape, breast size, breast foot print and skin characteristics together with your expectations need to be considered.


  • Breast Reduction

Patients with very large breasts (Macromastia) complain of back ache and bra straps that cut into the skin. They also struggle with sporting activities and these complaints can start early in their lives. The breast reduction technique removes excess breast tissue while also providing a lift for the hanging breast. This may be combined with liposuction where indicated.


  • Breast Lift with or without an augmentation

Breast lift (mastopexy) is indicated when the breasts are ptotic (hanging), this is done alone if there is adequate volume. If however there is also a paucity of volume an augment is indicated. These procedures can be done independently or as a combined option.



  • Abdominoplasty (Tummy tuck)

Following child birth the deep central line of your body( linea alba) can irreversibly stretch, this is known as rectus diastasis. In addition the skin around the lower abdomen can hang despite rigorous exercising and weight loss. A final component of slight excess subcutaneous adipose can be addressed by liposuction know as body sculpting.

Procedure: Through a lower incision of the abdomen hidden in the bikini line, dissection continues upwards to release the abdominal skin. Plication of the central line is done to tighten the abdomen, finally excess skin is resected. This may be combined with liposuction where indicated.  

  • Liposuction 

Adipose tissue (fat) s distributed in distinct layers over the body, depending on the amount and consistency it can be removed via a process called liposuction. This technique is known as body sculpting which can be done as a stand alone procedure or in combination with other procedures.

Mrs A du Plooy – Blepharoplasty


In 2018 after nearly failing my driver's license renewal and shortly after that nearly had an accident while driving because of drooping eyelids impairing my vision to the side, I finally decided to have blepharoplasty done. Luckily for me Dr Nils Irsigler just started his practice at the Zuid Afrikaans Hospital and it was convenient for me.


I made an appointment, consulted with him. During the consultation he was very professional, took photos of my eyes which was then uploaded on his computer. Dr Irsigler then explained the procedure in detail with me, showed me exactly what he planned on doing, what he expected my result to be. My operation was booked two weeks later. Before that he again went through the procedure with me. The day of the procedure he made me feel comfortable and I had trust in him to make a success of the operation. And it was a success. He literally opened my eyes for me. I never liked looking at photos of myself, my eyes were always slits when I laughed.


After the procedures for the first time I felt comfortable laughing again, having a photo taken. I was followed up regularly after my operation until my eyes have healed completely. I have the greatest respect for Dr Irsigler and the work he has done, it looks natural and has changed my life. Of course he also has the help of a professional team in his office, always friendly and willing to help.


With treatment and recommendations I have received from them my appearance and my skin also has changed remarkably for the better. I can never say thank you enough for what they all did for me.